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The Vision and Mission
is to facilitate profound sexual well-being experiences for men, women, singles and couples in the USA and internationally, producing outstanding educational programs. high quality, multi-media resources and providing a global network of sexual healing centers dedicated to transforming lives through enhanced sexual well-being.

Orgasm: the Gift

Orgasm gives us health
— the water of life that replenishes the gardens of the temple. It is the state of being that arises naturally through relaxation in sex — an electromagnetic streaming within the core of the body. Nothing to demand, nothing to expect or chase after.

Sex is the energy of life expressed through us as our aliveness, joy and vitality. In the state of inner connection, gather at the 1 - point. Implosion/explosion — oceanic awakening and experience of being.

Free the raw power of the life force for birthing and contributing our unique vision and light into the world. Being the One. Express our brilliance in the world brilliantly.

Become deeply acquainted with sex.

“Sex energy is the creative energy
of all geniuses.” Napoleon Hill

This image and text is an excerpt from the Orgasm poster by Mukee Okan.

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from doing to being
Bringing intelligence to our view of sex. The typical extroverted, goal-oriented routine and biological approach to sex results in tension, congestion, lack of feeling and armoring. Lifetime habits of compressing sexual energy and forcing a fixed route limit body experience. Being relaxed and open, letting go of the outcome, your naturally expansive sexual energy moves freely — flooding the body. Orgasmic biological ecstasy spontaneously arises effortlessly. IMAGINE being orgasmic as well as having orgasms.

implosion and explosion. The female egg is the largest cell in humans. The male sperm is the smallest cell. The sperm merges with the egg and 23 chromosomes are contributed from both parents. Everyone is a unique blueprint of talents, skills and abilities never before in this configuration. Sex is the medium of life, at play with the archetypal forces of the masculine and feminine. Your body is structured to experience pleasure. IMAGINE the pleasure of adding your light to the world.

that acknowledges sex energy, the pleasure of the life force as —
• an expression of our deepest nature and interconnection
• the most natural uplifting healing gift for all humanity
• a key to freedom of self expression and contribution

the healing power of orgasm is a beautiful way to experience m
ore energy, passion, intimacy and devotion in the life you are living now.

All artwork, graphics and photos by MUKEE OKAN, Your Orgasm's Best Friend.


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