the Founder & Director of The Pussy Talks™

When a woman has educated and developed herself it makes a difference in the development of her whole community.

Imagine a library. If you went to check out a book out on geography, there would be a whole section on that topic of education. There should be a whole section on genital anatomy and sexuality in your personal library - real education!
Mukee mentioned two young women who were at a screening... What they loved was how the women in The Pussy Talks were talking about their pussies. It was real and tangible . . . It’s sacred, and what they experienced was a real conversation. We hope that The Pussy Talks makes this type of education mainstream and available so it makes a real difference for every woman.

The Pussy Talks is about enhancing the sexual well being of humanity.

Whatever arises for you from the creation and viewing of The Pussy Talks, the purpose is always to enhance your sexual well being. Why is this important? So that you can get on with what you came here on Earth to do.
Through letting go of all the “stuff” you have against yourself, you free your own life force to contribute what only you can give as a unique expression.

This is why Mukee called The Pussy Talks™
the Production of Peace on Earth!


"But I'm not like these women . . .
these women are special."

All women have feelings and thoughts and considerations about their pussy, but we often don’t have an opportunity to explore and share what those thoughts are.

The Pussy Talks is documentary making that is completely unscripted and spontaneous.

This is a space to share that has not ever existed for women quite like this.

One woman was weeping before we started because she was distraught about her current relationship with her pussy. Expressing how she felt through her tears, she had a shift in getting present to what she really needed.

No matter where you are in relationship to yourself and your body, you will experience your own shift of awareness around your body, sexuality, and sexual energy by participating.

“None of the women talked about
(this thing or that thing) . . .”

It is common while watching the documentary to notice women saying things you have personally felt AND to also notice what the women didn't talk about.

In a space to fully express themselves, the women of The Pussy Talks share about a full spectrum of topics - like pleasure, birth, abuse, exploration, and play. For example, many of the women say “touch my clitoris gently . . . ” or “touch me everywhere else first!”

Whatever topics were missing for you when you watched The Pussy Talks is part of what your pussy has to say.

That's why we invite you to contribute to growing the series and share what your pussy has to say. You can learn more below.

"When I was watching the documentary
I felt so much shame . . ."

Whether it came from religion, culture, or past experience with sex, it is such a common experience for all of us as women to experience shame around our bodies.

For some of us women our past has been extreme, so I encourage you to be tender and gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to become curious about yourself and your body.

Watching the documentary or participating in The Pussy Talks has nothing to do with being sexual with others.

The Pussy Talks is designed to allow anything to arise inside of you so you can start healing in your own way and fall in love with yourself. Sometimes women experience feelings of shame. Be gentle with yourself.

“I'm just not ready to face this right now"

For all women, really inquire, “What do I need now as a woman?”

Be kind to yourself. The point isn’t to watch the documentary or not, and neither is the point to participate in filming yourself or not. There is nothing you need to do that’s different to how you’re living your life now.

Some of the women in the documentary voiced how they relate to their bodies, they voiced how they had feelings of self loathing, and in their own way began to accept themselves fully. We encourage you to be tender and gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to become curious about yourself and your body.

Start Photographing Your Pussy

A beautiful way to participate in The Pussy Talks for yourself is to start taking photos of yourself, your pussy. It is so easy with your smartphone in selfie mode or get together with a friend to take photos of each other.

• These photos are just for you.
• Start taking photos of your pussy at rest, without separating your inner lips.
• Also separate the lips so you can see the structure of your lips.
• Take your photos in all states of arousal. Neutral to fully aroused.
• Get to know how your Pussy looks and how she is always changing.
• Admire and appreciate yourself.

To film yourself, your pussy, and talk about it is a powerful thing to do.

You are invited you to film yourself selfie style or with a friend. It is a great experience to share with another woman. You can film each other. Everything you will see in this documentary is filmed on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Film yourself for you.

Say what you want to say about your Pussy - you can say anything and take as long as you want. When you are complete, the question to ask is, “What does my Pussy have to say?” Respond to the question. Let your speaking be spontaneous and what is present for you in the moment.

The Pussy Talks is a video documentary and an expanding library of women sharing what they have to say about their pussy.

Over the years The Pussy Talks has filmed over 100 clips of women sharing themselves.

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